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Litigating Identity and Citizenship among the "Little Races" in Nineteenth-Century America


The Law and History Review, May 2011

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Comparing the Law and Politics of Race and the Memory of Slavery in the U.S. and France Today

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From the Streets to the Courts: Doing Grassroots Legal History of the Civil Rights Era

Courage to Dissent: Atlanta and the Long History of the Civil Rights Movement. By Tomiko Brown-Nagin. New York, New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. 578 pages.


Alejandro de la Fuente and Ariela Gross

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With Alejandro de La Fuente


Never Forget?

Jewish Identity, History, Memory, Slavery, and the Constitution

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Stanford Law Review


Law and Social Inquiry


Ariela Gross & Alejandro de la Fuente

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HARCOURT, BERNARD E. 2007. Against Prediction: Profiling, Policing, and Punishing in an Actuarial Age. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Pp. viii + 336.


A Crime Against Humanity: Slavery and the Boundaries of Legality, Past and Present

Law and History Review

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The Caucasian Cloak

Mexican Americans and the Politics of Whiteness in the Twentieth-Century Southwest


Law and History Review, February, 2017


The New Abolitionism, International Law, and the Memory of Slavery (with Chantal Thomas)

Law and History Review

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